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Who We Are

HUHT is a non-profit organization with a firm commitment to ensure that each orphan is comfortable, cared for and loved. We believe that each child should be well fed and have a fair chance at basic education.

22HUHT stands for Help Us Help Them and our mission is to provide orphanages the necessary tools needed to ensure that each child has the basic necessities for a normal childhood.
Over the years we have worked and partnered with a few orphanages in Cameroon and Togo, West Africa. Through these partnerships we have created some measurable goals to ensure that funds and gifts that we receive all go to better the lives of orphans.
Our goal is to feed, clothe and educate orphans around the world one orphan at a time. We stand as the bridge between orphans and you the generous community who is Helping Us Help Them.

Join us in bridging the gap one orphan at a time

Huht Making a Difference

School Supplies

We are committed in giving our orphans a quality education by giving them the materials that they need to succeed. Click Here to see the list of materials and how you can Help Us Help Them.

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Cloth/feed an orphan

One meal at a time. That is where we start. Have you ever gone hungry for a day? If you have you will know that it is all consuming, you can’t concentrate on anything. Finding food is all you think about.  Click Here to see how you can Help Us Help Them.

Huht Partners

Equip a maternity

We are committed in giving our newborn babies a decent arrival by providing basic yet vital supplies for a maternity room
Click Here to see how you can Help Us Help Them..

Help Us Help Them. Change the story of an orphan.

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